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Managed Security Services (MSS)

We are a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). We provide a comprehensive service to ensure the cybersecurity of the organization.

Cybersecurity, data and systems security require more and more investments, skills, knowledge and commitment of the organization. This is the result of an increasing number of and sophisticated attacks, but also of an increasing amount of data, a lack of employee awareness and increasing legal requirements in the field of security.

Blue Energy on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year, can ensure your safety. Use our services and we will ensure comprehensive security of your organization.

Our services range from prevention, identification of vulnerabilities and threats, tuning of security mechanisms, building a security architecture, to incident response.

 MSSP Security Areas

Vulnerability identification

Our consultants use dedicated tools to analyze vulnerabilities – weaknesses of your resources, IT systems and security. You can read more about vulnerability analysis in the article

Security analysis and testing

We conduct security tests aimed at exploiting vulnerabilities and breaking security – more

We perform security analyzes, including analyzes related to user awareness research – social engineering analyzes and tests aimed at researching and raising awareness by performing sham attacks.

Risk management

We automate risk analysis based on the importance of the systems and processes they support. We prioritize actions and select safeguards depending on the level of effects. We plan activities and security areas based on risk levels. We visualize the results of analyzes and automate activities.

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Security Architecture

We design a security system based on the results of the risk analysis and legal analysis assessment. We apply international safety standards that ensure comprehensive and universal solutions.

To ensure security

We remove vulnerabilities, implement security measures that immunize to threats, and conduct awareness campaigns.


Why is this service delivery model becoming so popular?


Our professional-designed service delivery processes and innovative tools allow us to provide comprehensive, comprehensive services. We respond to all the needs of our clients, both the smallest ones related to the monitoring of a selected part of the infrastructure, to the most complex ones.


Our experts provide the highest level of service thanks to the highest level of competence, service customization and excellent tools. Details about us….


We provide the best cybersecurity experts, engineers, lawyers, social engineers and top-class tools to help ensure cybersecurity at an affordable price in the subscription model.

Comprehensive, professional and cheap, is it possible?

It is estimated that cybercrime will bring up to 5 times more profits than global international crime combined. Who can afford to repel such a massive attack? The increase in digitization of business and everyday life means that the number of cybersecurity challenges is growing exponentially.

Growing legal requirements in the scope of ensuring the security of processed data, e.g. personal data, may also cause problems.

Providing such broad competences requires considerable expenditure and requires constant development, which is also not simple and cheap.

The process of carrying out the service
Analysis of the organization's security and cybersecurity needs
Adoption of the scope of services in the field of monitoring, security and SLA
Implementation of security measures, probes, adopting roles, developing procedures
Provision of the service in the adopted model
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